It’s The Music 350th Radioshow Special Guest Dj Aroma

IT’S THE MUSIC, 350th Radioshow Special Guest Dj

Aroma Mix

 1-TC “Do You Rock ?”
2-FOURWARD “Exile”
3-TREO “Machinist”
4-RUFIGE KRU “Special Request”
5-MAZTEK “Dogu”
6-SEBA + PARADOX featuring Robert Manos “Can’t Let Go”
8-RONI SIZE “Step Up”
11-MINDSCAPE “Gene Labs” (Optic & Btk Remix)
12-GENERAL LEVY “The General” (Ed Solo Remix)
13-PHUTURE T “Dobber Ella”
14-DGOHN “4.37445 Yards”

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It’s The Music 349th Radioshow by LPR

IT’S THE MUSIC, 349th Radioshow

1-ALLOVERS featuring Lisa Shaw “All I’m Saying” (Wamdue Dirty Little Secret Mix)(2015 SOBRA)
2-GROOVEBOY featuring Antoinette “That Love (Cant Get Enough)” (Davidson Ospina Vocal Remix)(2012 OSPINA DIGITAL)
3-EVREN FURTUNA “Circles” (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)(2013 SPRING TUBE)
4-LISA SHAW “All Night High” (Dave Warrin Original Vocal)(2008 SALTED MUSIC)
5-FRANCK ROGER featuring Mani Hoffman “Dangerous Girl” (2009 FRANCK ROGER PRODUCTIONS)
6- BEHIND THE GROOVE featuring Carla Prather “What You Gonna Do” (Harness & Spencer Remix)(2006 LOVESLAP)
7-GREGORY DEL PIERO featuring Billy Love “My Only Love” (Island Groove Mix)(2008 DEL)
8-SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS featuring Jay Rags “Deep Not Deep” (Keypella)(2011 GOTTA KEEP FAITH)
9-FKJ fe...

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It’s The Music 348th Radioshow LPR VS DPR Mix

It's The Music LPR VS DPR

IT’S THE MUSIC, 348th Radioshow


1-SNAZZY TRAX “A Little Love On Me”
2-GREGORY DUB “Floating” (Original Mix)(2016 GENTS & DANDY’S)
4-DPR “Deep In Love” (Demo)
5-DJ STEAW “Holding On” (2012 PHONOGRAMME)
6-THE GOLDEN BOY “Won’t Do It”
7-WUMM ”To Hurt Me No More”
8-R.I.P. PRODUCTION “Deep Inspiration” (1996)
9-JAE B “I Believe” (2014)
10-ENRICO MANTINI “What You Like” (1992)
11-PROTEUS “Pure Joy” (1996)
12- GREGORY DUB “Dub Passion” (2014)
13-DAN K “Outta My Head” (2015)
14-BRAWTHER “Negentropy” (2015)

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It’s The Music 347th Radioshow by LPR

IT’S THE MUSIC, 347th Radioshow

1-LUKA featuring Rubygold “Love Is Freedom” (2014 WE GO DEEP)
2-MELVESANT featuring Basis “Your Love Is All I Need” (Infected Soul Voyage Mix)(2014 EXPANDED RECORDS)
3-SOUL CHILD featuring Swaylo “Hopelessly” (Hallex.M United Remix)(2010 UNITED MUSIC RECORDS)
4-SEVEN STEVEN featuing Marta Carillon “Whenever (You Need Me)” (Soulplate Remix)(2011 KULA)
5- SIR LSG featuring Brian Temba & Kafele “All I Am” (DJ Spinna Galatic Soul Remix)(2013 GOGO MUSIC)
6-YASS & BLUEDAY STEREO featuring Jocelyn Mathieu “All I’m Asking forever” (Mikeandtess Mash Up Edit)
7-BIBI “Violons” (Better Vibe Remix)
8-DJ FLOY “In Our World” (Main Mix No Sax)(2007 202 DIGITAL)
9-JERK HOUSE CONNECTION featuring Akram Sedkaoui « Each & Every Day (Life Goes On...

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It’s The Music 346th Radioshow by LPR

IT’S THE MUSIC, 346th Radioshow

1-FARLEY “JACKMASTER” FUNK featuring The Voice Of Daryl Pandy “Dub Can’t Turn Around” (1986 DJ INTERNATIONAL)
2-RALPHI ROSARIO “U Used To Hold Me” (Original 12” Kenny ‘jammin’ Jason Mix)(2002 SIMPLY RECORDS)
3-TEN CITY “I Should Learn To Love You” (Shelter Dub Mix)(1990 ATLANTIC)
4-MOOD II SWING “All Night Long” (Radio Slave Re-Edit)(2010 STRICTLY RHYTHM)
5-MOOD II SWING featuring John Ciafone “Ohh” (1996 BMG)
6-RANDY CRAWFORD “Give Me The Night” (Mousse T’s Classic Club Mix)(1995 WEA GERMANY)
7-RUFFNECK featuring Yavahn “Move Your Body” (Unreleased Tommy Musto Remix)(1997 SUB-URBAN)
8-MERCURY “Old Man’s House” (Martin Dawson Remix)(2012 GOMMA DANCE TRACKS)
9-DIMITRI FROM PARIS & DJ ROCCA featuring Tim Benton « ...

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