It’s The Music 374th Radioshow by LPR

IT'S THE MUSIC, 374th Radioshow

1-STUDIO APARTMENT “Episode“ (2005 NEW WORLD RECORDS) 2-STEPHANIE COOKE “Love Will” (WEST END) 3-STERLING ENSEMBLE featuring Juliet Moesha “The World” (Vega Mix)(2004 MAW RECORDS) 4-ZIGGY FUNK featuring Taliwa "Everyday "(Yass Classic Mix)(2011 FOLIAGE) 5-UPZ aka Avi Elman featuring Jocelyn Mathieu "All Out" (Original Mix)(2011 HI RISE) 6-JERSEY MAESTRO featuring Jessica James "Miracles" (Soul Therapy Remix)(2012 SWAY) 7-HOUSADICTION “Sharing Passion” (Original Mix) 8-DETROIT SWINDLE "Nothing Else Matters" (Morning Factory Remix)(2012 DIRT CREW) 9-DJ STEAW "I Want" (2012 LOCAL TALK) 10-THE SUNCHASERS “Just Another Love Track” (2015 LA MUSIQUE FANTASTIQUE) 11-MOODYMANN “Tribute” (2000 PEACEFROG)

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It’s The Music 373rd Radioshow by LPR

IT'S THE MUSIC, 373rd Radioshow

1-MARIAH CAREY “Joy To The World” (David Morales Celebration Mix)(1994 COLUMBIA) 2-WHITNEY HOUSTON “I’m Every Woman” (Every Woman’s House/Club Mix)(1993 ARISTA) 3-CLIVILLES & COLE “A Deeper Love” (A Deeper Feeling Mix)(1992 COLUMBIA) 4-BASSMENTAL featuring Charles Mc Douglad “Just Wanna Be With You” (1997 KING STREET) 5-SHAWN CHRISTOPHER “Make My Love” (Kerri Chandler Mix)(1994 HAPPY MUSIC) 6-JAYDEE “Plastic Dreams” (Morales Club Mix)(1998 SONY MUSIC) 7-SAINT GERMAIN “What’s New” (1995 F-COMMUNICATIONS) 8-CATALAN FC “Ligne Claire” (Inner Sense Edit) 9- FIZZIKX “I'm Gonna Hold On” (Dr...

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It’s The Music 372nd Radioshow by LPR

IT'S THE MUSIC, 372nd Radioshow

1-0208 CREW “Afrika” (Claude-9 Morupisi & R-Four Edit)(2015 EXPANDED RECORDS EXP091) 2-FRANCK ROGER & M'SELEM "No More Believe" (Main Mix)(2004 KENLOU RECORDS) 3-ALEX FINKIN featuring Vanina Pietri "I'm Leaving" (Original)(2016 TRIBE) 4-SEAN SMITH featuring Carla Prather "So Gone" (Greg Gauthier & Alex Finkin Mix)(2014 SMOOTH AGENT) 5-MARC TASIO "Don't Make Me Wait" (Extended Mix)(2016 KARMIC POWER RECORDINGS KPR173) 6-JEAN-JÉRÔME + LPR "Harley" 7-ROY DAVIS JR "Michael" (2000 NUPHONIC) 8-ROMANTHONY “Hold On” (Classic Vocal)(1999 ROULÉ) 9-BARBARA TUCKER "Everybody Dance (The Horn Song)" (The Don's Club Mix)(1998 STRICTLY RHYTHM) 10-PRINCE “I Would Die For You” (The Sky Was Purple Mix by Kid Culture)

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It’s The Music 371st Radioshow Special Guest Dj Aroma

IT'S THE MUSIC, 371st Radioshow Special Guest Dj

Aroma Mix

1-STRANGER “Highest Sense” (2016 MONNOM BLACK) 2-SCAN X “Higher” (2002 F COMMUNICATIONS) 3-STRANGER “Play Some Rave 4 Me” (2016 MONNOM BLACK) 4-ANDREA BELLUZZI “75” (2013 SYNEWAVE) 5-SECRET CINEMA “Volt” (2000 EC RECORDS) 6-BENNY RODRIGUES “The Choice Is Mine” (Original)(2014 WOLFSKUIL) 7-DRUMCELL & LUIS FLORES “Flux” (2016 BLANK CODE) 8-WHITE Promo 9-D-IX “Crazy On A Saturday Night” (2016 LACKREC) 10-SHDW & OBSCURE SHAPE “Aus Der Tiefe Der Zeit” (2016 FROM ANOTHER MIND) 11-TREVINO “Black Cat” (2016 BIRDIE) 12-TRIPEO “Qwerty” (2014 CLONE BASEMENT SERIES) 13-F.U.S.E “Them” (2015 PLUS 8)

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It’s The Music 370th Radioshow by LPR

IT'S THE MUSIC, 370th Radioshow

1-HARDRIVE 2000 featuring Lynae “Never Forget (When You Touch Me)” (Accapella 1 + Original Mix)(1999 STRICTLY RHYTHM) 2-DISTANT PEOPLE featuring Carla Prather "Have No Fear" (Groove Assassin Mix) (2013 SOLID GROUND) 3-ATFC featuring Lisa Shaw "Walk Away" (Atfc’s Vb Weekender Vocal)(2011 DEFECTED) 4-HARDSOUL featuring Ron Carroll "Back Together" (Director's Cut Classic Club Mix)(2012 SOULFURIC) 5- FRENZYDREAMZ featuring Sam-T “Secret Ways” (MoD & Staffan Thorsell Remix)(2015 CHECK IT OUT RECORDS CIO010) 6-MIGUEL MIGS “Mesmerized” (Alix Alvarez Dub Mix)(2007 NRK) 7-MIGUEL MIGS “I Can Feel It” (Piano Love Mix)(2014 SALTED MUSIC) 8-U-NESS & JEDSET “Rise” (Original Mix)(2016 SOULHEAT) 9-MIKE “I Feel Alive” (2016 OATLAND ST...

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